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Hi ,

I really need some help guys, I recently got a yamaha RXV-1071 Receiver and looking for a 5.1 package to go with this. MY budget is around $2000 mark incl sub. My Room is 5m*4m and planing to put a 130" fixed screen. My choices are below. All of them are 5.1 pack

1. Yamaha 5.1 surround pack NS-777, NS-333, NS-444 with paradigm ultra cube10 or DSP3400

2. Jamo S606 5.1 speaker pack from HN

3. Jamo S608 5.1 speaker pack(sub660) from HN

4. Polk Audio TSi500 5.1 speaker pack from HN

5. Polk Audio 5.1 Surround Pack, RTiA7, FXiA4, CSiA6, DSW600, Ex-Demo

6. Klipsch Synergy F30 5.1 Speaker Pack from HN

Please share your experience and best prices/place you have recently got on these packs. I have heard all of the above packs except S608 in different stores and all sounds oke for me, some are clear voice and some boomy and really confused which way to go.
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