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Need help on Moto 6412III RCA audio out

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I am having trouble getting audio out of my Moto DCT6412 III cable box into the input of Panasonic DMR-ES25 recorder. I suspect my RCA audio outputs on the Motrola box are not working.


DCT6412 component vid out to Denon AVR-2807

DCT6412 digital coax audio out to Denon AVR-2807

DCT6412 S-Vid out to Panasonic DMR ES-25 input 1

DCT6412 RCA audio out to ES-25 input 1

DCT6412 is set to output HD in 1080i with 480i output as is

DCT6412 digital audio set to AC-3 and analog set to stereo

ES-25 HDMI out to AVR-2807

ES-25 S-Vid out to Sony KDS-A2000 input 1

ES-25 RCA audio out to Sony input 1

ES-25 HDMI output set to auto (to match TV resolution)

AVR-2807 HDMI out to Sony HDMI input 7

AVR-2807 set to upconvert 480i sources to 480p over HDMI

Everything running through the AVR-2807 works fine on output, but when I view DCT6412 output through the ES-25 input 1 to Sony TV Input 1, I have video, but no audio.

I have tried everything I know to get the stereo output from the 6412 to either the DVD recorder or into the AVR-2807, but I only get video and no sound.

Any help for a newbie is greatly appreciated.
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