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I have an a/v stand that houses a (soon to be) 55 inch LCD screen on top of it. It has two glass shelves under the TV that each have 6.5 inch of height for equipment. So I have my PS3 and Dish receiver in their. Problem is: I can only fit a short center speaker that is less than 6.5 inches of height in the shelves and it sits low! The entire height of the a/v stand is 21 inches.

I want to buy either a JBL LC1 (7.5 inches of height) or JBL LC2 (12.2 inches of height). Placing a center speaker on a seperate stand in front of the A/V stand that I already have would look really silly and impose on the walking area by my couches.

My A/V stand is deep though: 21.5 inches in depth where the LCD sits, behind the LCD is 11 inches more of depth. I was thinking of putting a center speaker on a stand behind my 55 inch LCD, and hopefully find a way to aim the center speaker down a bit towards the couch. My front left and right speakers are 42 inch towers. Also the TV sits about 2 feet away from a corner, so mounting a center on the wall would require a long arm to come out to the tv. There are 3 subs in the corner is why.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? What kind of stand to buy that perhaps I could nail or screw into the top (it's wood) of my a/v stand behind the LCD to further secure it, and something that may allow me to adjust the angle of my center? Or maybe some long reaching adjustable arm that I could mount on a nearby wall???
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