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need help on playing flac files from laptop to my denon

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Ok guys i hve 80 gigs of flac files which i have on my laptop. But i only have a 8 gig thumbdrive. And i wanna play those flac files from my laptop to my denon x2000. Anyway i can do this? I have a wireless router as my connection.
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A DLNA server like Mezzmo works for this, its not free. I've read people mention, Foobar2000 but I have no experience with that one.

HTC One m8
Take a look at Asset UPnP from the dBpoweramp folks. https://www.dbpoweramp.com/asset-upnp-dlna.htm

It's an audio-only DLNA solution and works very well. However, be prepared to be disappointed on how poorly Denon receivers work with DLNA. Stereo only. Gaps between tracks. Slow. Etc.

I generally use my Panasonic Blu-Ray player for playing music. It gets files from the same DLNA server (Asset in my case) and plays it to the Denon over HDMI. That way it can play stereo or multi-channel FLACs, up to 192 kHz, and the browsing is nicer than the Denon. The biggest complaint I have is that the Panny also doesn't play track gaplessly.

You either have to run a DLNA server on your laptop or put a NAS on your network.

A small NAS like the Linkstation would work:
(I use a ReadyNAS Duo for my music NAS.)

If you go the laptop route, there are a bunch of them, anything from Plex (probably overkill) or Twonky (paid), to something free. I just saw that Windows 8 has a DLNA server built in:
I've never tried it, but music DLNA (as opposed to video) is low overheard, so anything that works will be good enough for you.
I play them through my oppo, then to the denon. I would just try to play them with a media or universal player first. Jmho
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