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Need help on screen masking

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I have built my HT room and am basically happy with it. The only real improvement I can think of is replacing the fixed 120" 4/3 Dalite screen with an electric masking screen. I looked at the prices and they are not compelling. My questions are as follows:

1) How hard is it to make a professional looking masking system?

2) Does the resulting screen look as good as say the dalite system

3) can I utilize my existing Dalite screen

4) Where are the best plans for making an electric screen and what are the costs involved.

5) I would love to make the whole system controllable with my MX500 remote- is this possible.

These questions may have been answered before but I am still confused. I have the ability of a small child when it comes to designing and building( my father in law is in charge of construction) but I want to provide him with all the parts and designs.

Thanks guys!
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Try looking here...


it is from the sticky note thread at the top ^^^

Another good resource is Bob T.'s masking system thread:

4 way masking system thread

There aren't detailed instructions, but you can probably get some of your answers from there. I'm in the process of implementing a motorized masking system as well and am using Bob T.'s system as my inspiration.
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