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Need help on Sony 40" Bravia-VGA input

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Dear all,

I have been reading lots of threads regarding to the Sony 40"Bravia and knowing that there are loads of users who could achieve a resolution of 1360x768 through VGA input.

Currently I have this LCDTV however my Sony could only take 1280x768 (displayed on screen). I did have powerstrip and an ATI X800 Pro Sapphire display card w/ Catalyst Control Centre installed, however, even I set my current window resolution to 1360x768, the TV just take the 1280x768 signal.

I just don't have a clue on how to get the max 1360x768 resolution for the Sony.

Please all Sony together w/ ATI display card users give me a hint on their display settings.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Make sure you have recent ATI drivers.

Make sure it really says 1360x768 in the display properties.

You may have to hit the phase + button in the ATI control panel and restart.

In powerstrip you have to select 1360x768 60hz as a custom resolution (Not from the main screen) This requires two restarts of your computer if you do it right.

Once this is all done you should have a solid desktop at 1360x768.

If not you may have to go into the Input properties for Video7 and have the Sony auto adjust.

Yes you can get 1360x768 without power strip, but you will have banding. Most people won't notice this without a test, but its there.
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It's a V Series.

Ok, here what I test in the coming few days.

1. Uninstall my current 5.10 CCC ATi Catalyst. (Tried 5.11, 5.12, and they are very demanding on CPU and Ram, slowing down the machine)

2. Open up Powerstrip and select 1360x768 custom resolution.

3. Restart my computer.

4. Select 1360x768 in windows display properties.

Hope this works. urhh...

Thanks for the info DustinF.

and 1 more thing, if the TV really gets the 1360x768, it does show on the menu screen, right? e.g. Input 7 (PC), Under Picture- Display mode, reset, backlight, picture... It says Resolution 1280x 768 /60Hz (on my computer & sony). If I get the resolution right, it shows 1360x768/60Hz??

Thank you.
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If you get it right, it will display 1360x768 as the input description info.
That's the way how I get my computer 1:1 pixel to Sony Bravia.

1. Download 5.13 Ati driver from ATI website

2. Uninstall my Catalyst Driver (using control panel add/remove program).

3. Uninstall powerstrip in Computer.

4. Reboot computer.

5. Install 5.13 CCC ATI driver set.

6. Install powerstrip latest version.

7. Set 1360x768 from advanced timing options-custom resolutions in powerstrip.

8. It forced you to reboot computer.

9. Select 1360x768 from Catalyst Centre (not Windows XP display menu).
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