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Need help on what to get for Direct TV

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My wife came back from visiting her sister and said, "We have to get Direct TV." Who am I to argue with her? :D

Anyway.... I don't know anything about Direct TV hardware, so what do I need to get? I will want to receive HD signals (I have a Sony HDTV) and I will want access to DTV on 2 TVs (other TV is non-HD). I will also want to have TiVo. What do I need and what should I expect to spend? Also, do you know of any good deals out there?
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Go to Blockbuster and get the DirectV deal for 10.00. Make sure they install the dish for the Spanish channels, this will give you the right Dish for HDTV. Then buy one of the DirectV HD receiver for HD http://www.**************.com you will be able to hook up 4 receiver with the OVAL Dish.
I second what taron1 said (that's what I did :). Use the forum search feature to find more information on BlockBuster (search for Para Todos). In addition check to see if the Circuit City $99 deal for the Philips DSR6000 DirecTiVo is still active (search the Tivo forum for this).
Assuming you have:

(1) Sony HDTV

(1) analog TV

(1) standalone TiVo (will be a separate run than your HDTV feed, since HDTV can not be "TiVo'ed").

You will need:

(1) 24x18" elliptical dish with (2)dual LNB's and multiswitch.

(2) RG6 coaxial cable running from your dish to your TV's (one run to each TV).

(1) standard DirecTV receiver (any unit will do).

(1) HDTV capable DirecTV receiver.

You may as well also try for network HDTV via antenna, so try:

(1) UHF antenna, possibly with a signal amplifier and/or rotor.

I have a similar setup, so you can click the link to my home theater for inexpensive examples of products to try.
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I went by my local Blockbuster and found out they are no longer offering Direct TV. In my area, BB has a marketing agreement with Radio Shack now. Right in BB is a small Radio Shack, but they are not offering the same BB deal on DTV anymore. Has anyone found any other good deals on subscribing to Direct TV?
I got my setup at the Good Guys. For two TVs you will need two receivers, but my installation package only covered the hookup to one receiver. This was a surprise to me, especially since the second TV was at the other end of the house and I had to hire someone to run the coax.

Otherwise it was a good deal! You know you have to get an oval dish, right, which is required to receive both satellites. Then make sure you know what the deal is in terms of installation.
I was able to buy Direct TV from Blockbuster afterall. There is one BB in a local grocery store that does not have a Radio Shack in it in my area. However, they are not longer offer the $10 deal and it is now $49. Apparently, the sale for $10 ended in the past couple of days. Still seems like a good deal to me with the 52 week DVD free rental included.

There was no problem getting the oval dish. In fact, the in-house order form at BB had a separate block for the oval dish if you tell them you want the Para Todas package. The sales person in the store verified that it would be the oval dish and not the round one when she called it in. They said I can have it installed within 5 working days!
Hi, let's say I want to get DirecTV HD with the local channels package as well, do I need a separate dish for DirecTV DSL? Anyone using it? Is it the same as DirectDuo or Pegasus? On the DirecTV DSL, it says 'nothing' about DirecTV HD and vice versa. It does mention that connection speed is up to 1.5 Mbps, isn't the speed for DSL fixed? They made it sound like broadband cable now...

The above posters mentioned something like coaxial cable to run between the dish & the receiver, are those cheapo ones? I assume that I can use higher quality 24K gold Monster Cables coaxial for the same purpose?

Thank you.

Hilux Surf
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