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Hello-I'm stumbling around on the internet trying to research the value of an amp I have that belonged to my late husband. It's a Cinepro 3K6SEII, 4,000 watt 5.1 channel. My husband got this from his brother, Eric Abraham who was the President and owner of Cinepro until his death.

I'd possibly like to sell this item on Ebay or ?? and could use any advice, help or info as I am not an audiophile......just married one and enjoyed the listening experiences that he and Eric created. Also, it has not been used since my husband's death in 2007.....I don't know anything about its' condition. although I know he was using it. Is this something I should get looked at before I try and sell it? Who should I look for to get this kind of help? I'm in the Sacramento, CA area.

Thanks for any advice!
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