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first post from a long time lurker

finally decided to replace my old workhorse Yamaha DSP-1a. even thought I love the way it sounds I would like to move into the lossless audio. should I even do it?

anyway, have a budget of no more than $4,000. have been looking at the NAD 775hd/785hd and the Rotel RSX-1560 but would also love some other input from you guys in regards to another brand to consider. I live in San Jose and there are a lot of small high end audio shops so I should be able to find almost everything. I also have no issues going with separates.

I'm using an oppo 82 blue ray, a toshiba HD player (got it new for $5 and 25 HD disc for $1 each at circuit city closeout so why not) and atlantic tech 470 THX speaker system.


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