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Yamaha SW315 10" 250 watt, down firing, powered sub


Bic Acoustitech h100 cinema series 500 watt, front firing, powered sub

I currently have a Pioneer VSX-919ah-k receiver and Energy Take 5 Classic speakers.

I currently have an Onkyo SKW-100 75 watt (HTIB model)

The room I will be placing the sub in is 12'x11' and open in the back.

I will be using it for about 95% movies 5% music (if I get a PS3 or other console system make it 80% movies, 15% games, 5% music).

I can get these 2 subs for about the same price, I am setting a limit at about 225-250 if people have other suggesstions I am open to hear them.

Thanks for any input!
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