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Hey guys,

I've done a bit of browsing on here and other review websites, and I've mustered up the courage to post a thread asking for some help. I've just moved into a new home, and I finally think I have a room that will be suitable for a home theater! I've been wanting to have such a room for a few years, but alas it didn't become tangible until now. Anyway, I have some pictures of the room along with dimensions. I was hoping you guys could critique the stuff I plan on buying (mainly the projector) and provide any tips you may have about any other matters. Here are the pictures:

(picture of closet)

The dimensions are roughly 13.5' wide & 18' long. I plan on putting either two medium size love seats or 4 recliners in the middle of the room (I haven't thought about furniture too much). Here is the tech stuff i've put together.

Projector: Epson 8350 or Panny PT-ae4000- For bluray movie watching and maybe some television, is the panny worth the extra 700 dollars? I could spend that money elsewhere.

Screen- I have no clue! Any help?

Sound Etc

2x Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker

1x ONKYO TX-SR608 7.2-Channel Home Theater Receiver

1x Polk Audio PSW Series PSW10 Cherry

1x Polk Audio CS1 Series II Center Channel Speaker

Other speakers for surround- Not sure

My goal is to spend $2500~ total (not including furniture). Please post your suggestions! Also, not included in the picture, the room features a full on walk-in closet where I guess equipment can go. There's a separate air conditioning vent on the wall where I could put the shelving unit. How hard will it be to wire everything into that closet? I've never done anything like that before.

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It appears to be a upstairs Bonus room with at least some attic above the PJ location and that Closet.

It's a job for either an experienced installer or a Noob who does his homework and get's some good advice.

The Color of the Walls & Ceiling need changing to a darker combo...Ceiling darkest, walls 2-3 shades lighter of the same/or complimenting color

That Ceiling Fan is almost assuredly History in the making.

Typical. The wiring is on one side of the Closet...the shelving on the other side. Sheesh...the Builder didn't do you any favors there.

The $1099.00 Epson 8350 is your best choice to stay on budget and get wholesomely good results.


You'll need a good ceiling mount ($160.00)

v1.4 HDMI Cord (25' @ $1.00 ft)

Screen. Paint that End Wall (...by the Left hand entry Door...) with a good DIY solution for under $50.00 or purchase a inexpensive Fixed Screen for $300.00

Gotta expect some Electrical and/or Drywall work ($200.00 - $300.00)

Total so far?

Maxes out at $1884.00

You cannot make budget w/the panny 4000 unless you paint a screen and do ALL work yourself.

Where are you located?

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Great suggestions!

I'm located in Houston, TX. The shelving units you see in the closet are entirely movable/contemporary. I put them in there for simple storage (for the time being). Can you link an inexpensive screen? I went to bestbuy and they quoted me $1200 for a 90" screen. That seemed steep, but I don't know where else to look. Also, another newb question- If all of my electronics are in that closet (receiver etc), how does my remote work? I know it sounds stupid- but I sincerely don't know. Also, can you link any good Do-it-yourself guides on setting up a projector, running speaker wires, etc? Thanks!

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I'm a bit new to the whole projector-screen world so I will leave those questions to the pros here. However, I think I can help you with your questions on the remote control issue.

There are two primary options that I would look at. First, you could go with an IR repeating system. They are pretty simple systems that would receive your IR remote signal with a receiving block or eye in the room, send it to a distribution block in the closet and then send the signals from the distribution block to the components via an IR blaster or individual IR emitters. I would guess that you could set up a system for around $100-150. Check Xantech or Russound for repeating systems.

Another option would be a RF capable remote which would be capable of sending signals through walls and wouldn't need line of site. The RF signals are sent to a receiver/distribution block in the closet where they are converted to IR signals and then distributed to the components in a similar manner to the IR repeating systems. I like the RF remote option versus the IR repeating system for a couple of reasons. First, you don't need a receiver out in the room with wires running behind the walls to the closet making it a cleaner install. Second, you can program some pretty advanced macros that could turn your television, receiver and blue-ray player on, tune everything in correctly and start playing a movie all with the touch of one button without having to point your remote in one place for ten to twenty seconds. It seems that Logitech is pretty popular for homeowner friendly remotes (check out the Harmony 900 for an example of an RF remote). Universal Electronics (Nevo remotes) also has some great offerings as well. I use a Nevo Q50, but UEI generally only offers support and sales through dealers and not direct to the consumer on the Q50. Still, if you can get your hands on one and have some time to figure out the programming, it is a very powerful remote. The other downside is that they are pretty pricey.

There are more advanced options such as using an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone as a remote but they are probably beyond what you need. However, they are very appealing in that they are extremely expandable, flexible and powerful - in addition to potentially being somewhat complex to set up. If you are a iPhone/Pad/Pod user take a look at the iRule app. Also, I would check out the remote section of this website and maybe the remotecentral.com website for all the information you could ask for.

Hope this helped,

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