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Need Help Picking Matching Center Speaker

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Hey Guys,

I have a pair of KEF C3 Bookshelf speakers. I'd like to find a good matching center channel.

I think this speaker is the match to the set I have now: http://*******/YlqPP

But I wanted to know if I could go for a soundbar or a smaller profile center channel. My issue is that the C6 Center will likely get in the way of my Plasma. I definitely can't fit the center in the tv stand I have now, so it will have to sit in front of the TV.

Other Center Speakers:

My concerns:

I'm worried that if I get a center that is significantly better than the bookshelf, it won't sound smooth when transitioning from speaker to speaker (like an airplane flying by).

Thanks guys!
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If getting too good a center speaker is a concern, why isn't getting too worse a speaker? Either way, you won't match your front left and front right.

As I'm sure you've read, it's best to get the identical or matching (in the same series from the manufacturer) speakers.

Since 5.1 multichannel sound, the center has become arguably more important than the front left and right speakers. That's where the on-screen explosions, laser blasts, voices (which we're super sensitive to the quality of), and on-screen music comes from.

Thus, you could invert your plan and buy the best center you can afford that works in your room/tastes/system, and buy the matching front speakers.

A soundbar should not be for consideration, since it's not a center speaker. It's intended to replace ALL or at least the front three speakers.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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