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Hi everyone,

Could really use some guidance please....

I just moved into a home that's has built-in speakers in the ceilings of certain rooms, wired with 4 conductor wire/cable. Each room has its own volume control switch.

The home also has a media room (theater). All of the built-in speaker wires feed into the media room.

I just purchased the Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1 channel theater system (see link below), which has a zone 2 output for audio.

Goal: I want to have the ability to have the 5.1 system hooked up and running in the media room (watching a DVD, cable, etc.), while simultaneously have the built-in house speakers hooked up on zone 2, so my wife can listen to FM radio in another room.

Issue: the zone 2 output on my receiver is just a red and white RCA connection. I purchased a "1 in, 8 out" speaker selector to hook up for the house speakers, and I'm trying to hook it up to the zone 2 on the receiver. The input on the speaker selector is all spring terminals.

I checked out some options online and the only thing I found that looked like it would work is an RCA to spring terminal adapter, which I also purchased off of Amazon (see links for everything below). I've tried hooking it all up and I'm not getting anywhere. The only thing I've been able to achieve is getting a VERY VERY VERY low audio signal to the built-in home speakers, and oddly enough, you can only hear it when the volume in that room is turned to half way.

Anyone have any suggestions/guidance on where I went wrong?

1. Home Theater System:

2. 8 Channel Speaker Selector: Pyle-PSS8-8-Channel-Speaker-Selector

3. RCA to Spring Terminal Adapter: Rockford-Fosgate-RFI2SW-Speaker-Adapter

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The RCAs (Red/White) are line level outputs, not speaker level outputs. Do not connect these to the 8-way speaker selector.

Does your Receiver has a 2nd set of speaker outputs? Never mind, reading you post, you want to send a different signal to the other rooms. That case you need to feed a 2nd Amplifier. An old receiver could function as an Amp, or you can purchase a dedicated Amp.

Try Parts Express for some options.
Dedicated Amp: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-apa150-150w-power-amplifier--300-812

You could also replace that 8way box, with one of these to start since you have a volume control in each room:
(I use this Amp myself)
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