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Need help re amp recommendations

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Hi all,

My Pioneer Elite VSX-36TX has developed a thermal problem and I suspect is in its death throes. Time for a new Home Theatre amp.

My inputs are an Oppo DV-971 player and a Comcast Motorola HD DVR. My TV is a Samsung 50" DLP. There is a problem with lip-synch, but it's not always present. Everything is connected via component cables for video and either optical or co-axial for audio (I don't remember which is which at this point). My viewing is probably 85% DVR High-definition network shows (both cable and broadcast - ER and the Sopranos, for example), 10% standard-definition cable (Discovery, SciFi) and 5% movies.

I have a properly-matched Paradigm 5.1 speaker system system that sounds quite good with my VSX-36TX, although it seems muddled in the mid-range.

I'm looking for something that will be more than enough for the types of source material I use. Loud is NOT important. Clean is.

I was looking at a Yamaha RX-V661 in Best Buy this afternoon that seemed to offer a good menu of options, but I don't know if the delay is long enough (160 ms), nor am I sure giving up THX certification is going to make me sorry down the road.

Any suggestions? I'd like to keep it under $500 if I can, but if I can't, so be it.

Thanks in advance.
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