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Need help recording Dish HDTV

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I have a Dish 6000 HDTV receiver. I have the over the air HD receiver cartridge for local HDTV reception. The reception is far superior to the normal dish network channels. I would like to record them on my Replay.

Anyone had any experience with doing this?
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I tried that for quite a little while. There is no way to set up the Replay for automatic recording for the OTA 6000 channels because the Replay doesn't know about those channels. So you're stuck with HBO, Showtime, CBS, and Discovery channel. :)

I have managed to get scheduled automatic HDTV recordings working with the Samsung D151 OTA HDTV decoder, you can "fool" the replay into thinking it's an analog cable box and have it control the channel changes. This is on a recent thread here.

Hope that helps.

I also have a D6000 with the OTA, and I have the Replay setup so that when I change to ch. 2 it changes the channel to 2-01. Also ch. 5 and 9 will go to 5-01 and 5-02 respectively.

My input setup is as follows:

RF - Cable Box (cablevision).

In1 - Other

In2 - S-Video (D6000)

You just have to make sure the D6000 is set to SD.
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I think I follow you. You still have the D6000 input to the Replay as usual, but you have a second connection going to the RF input. By telling the Replay that the RF input is a cable box it will not attempt to use the internal RF tuner and will use a IR blaster to attempt channel changes.

Am I right so far?

Now, is it easy to tell the replay how to tune the cable box channels such as 2-01, 5-01, 4-01.....
Not exactly. You may have misunderstood me.

I really do have a Cablevision box connected to the RF input, and those channels get mapped as the 1002-1099 Replay channels. The Dish channels get mapped as the 2-999 Replay channels. What I'm saying is the when I change to channel 2 on the Replay it changes to 2-01 on my Dish 6000, and when I change to channel 5 it goes to channel 5-01, and channel 9 goes to 5-02 on the 6000.

I believe what happens is that when I change to channel 2 on the Replay it sends a 002 (not just 2) to the 6000 and it knows it's supposed to go to 2-01, and when I change to channel 9 on the Replay it sends 009 (not just 9), and again the 6000 knows it's mapped to 5-02.

I suggest you check what your 6000 does when it receives a 002 or 009 compared to just 2 or 9. (change the channel examples to whatever your OTA channels are in your 6000 setup, the examples I give are for the NY area).

Here's some additional info on my setup.

the Replay Dish code I use is 9775.

Replay model is 3060 (upgraded to 120GB).

Dish 6000 software version 777PCNDD-N.

Hope this helps.
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Yes. I seems easier than I thought. I believe your right about the channel changing on the dish 6000. I happened to punch in 002 the other day and I think it went to 2-01. If replay sends the signal for channel 2 through the IR blaster as 002 it should work fine.

I am curious. You mention that you are using the code 9775 for your dish 6000. I am using code 0775 for the current dish 301 receiver. Do you know the difference with the codes?

Thanks for the help.
I'm not sure what the differences are. I also have a 301 and I use the 0775 for it. The reason I chose 9775 (actually 9775A) for the 6000 was because when I was setting up the codes it said that the 9775A was for the DBS5000, and it's working just fine.

It's possible that the different codes have different values in the fine tuning of the IR blaster setup, of course I may be wrong, but that's my theory.
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