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I have a Sony DVP-S360 that is about five or six years old. It still works but not very reliably sometimes it will not play a DVD at all and some times the image is distorted by blue blocks on the screen. I think that the DVD drive may be the problem. I have a very limited budget and thought that maybe I could replace the DVD drive myself but do not know where to find the parts of if it is even worth it to do. Can I do this project cheaper than buying a new DVD player? Where do I find the components? What about manuals is there a manual out there that will help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Grace to you, C

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You're better off buying a new sub-$100 DVD player. The Sony uses proprietary DVD loader and not PC-DVD-ROM so it would be too expensive to worth the repair. Some DVD players are now sub $50 like Cyberhome 300, Apex, Memorex, Magnavox, Emerson. Check your local Wally World, Circuit City, Best Buy, or Target. You'd be surprise how cheap DVD players have become. On line check out the Yamakawa line of cheap players they're great.

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old usenet info:

From: Scot Gardner ([email protected])

Subject: Re: Auto Calibration on Sony

Newsgroups: alt.video.dvd

Date: 2002-03-16 08:10:21 PST

You can always find plagiarized versions of my original Sony DVD player

calibration instructions. However, the following is the latest version and

it has two new additions which have been written in response feedback that I

have received over the years. Be sure to read the items preceded with

_*** IMPORTANT!!!_.

The plagiarists have been slow to update their copycat versions.

My Sony DVD player calibration has evolved over the last three years and I

have added several additional comments to the procedure. Quite often, people

will use an older version of the procedure and they will not have the

additional footnotes.

The Sony 330, 360, 530, 550, 560 and 570 players (and all others produced

after 1998) have the ability to automatically calibrate the playback

functions of DVDs and CDs. Typically, disk calibration is done only after

many hours of operation, or if there are problems changing layers and/or

accessing chapters or if the unit has been bumped hard enough to knock it

out whack, but not hard enough to damage it. Should the unit develop

playback problems, the disk calibration procedure may save a trip to a

service facility. If you are willing to accept any risks which may be

involved in executing this procedure, the instructions follow.

Before you start, have ready at least two Dual-Layer DVDs and two

Single-Layer DVDs. (Dual-Layer DVDs usually have a gold color playing

surface and Single-Layer DVDs are silver.) You can also run the audio CD

calibration if you want. The reason that I recommend having two of each type

is that the player might produce an error message on one of the disks due to

some miniscule imperfection and you will have another to fall back on. (It

is unlikely that you will have a rare SACD disk so this part of the

calibration procedure should be skipped.)

Before performing any disk calibration procedures, allow the unit to warm up

completely by playing a disk for at least one half hour. Then, make sure

that the DVD player is turned OFF and in the standby mode with the little

red LED glowing above the on/off button. You will be concerned only with

items 1, 4, 5 and maybe 6. To escape from all test modes, press the Return


To enter the test mode, press Title, Clear, and Power on the remote. This

will produce the following menu:

Test Mode Menu

0. Syscon Diagnosis (For technicians only)

1. Drive Auto Adjustment (Automatically calibrates DVDs and CDs)

2. Drive Manual Operation (Prompts before each adjustment)

3. Mecha Aging (Gives technicians auto repeat mode for testing)

4. Emergency History (Shows the number of hours on your machine)

5. Version Information (Shows filmware version)

6. Video Level Adjustment. (Test pattern)

Exit: POWER Key.

Press #1 on the remote and the following menu will appear:

## Drive Auto Adjustment ##

0. All


2. CD




Press #1 on the remote and insert a Single-Layer DVD when the drawer opens.

Press the ENTER key and the machine will begin to calibrate all of the

playback features.

*** IMPORTANT!!! Always do the Single-Layer DVD calibration first, then to

proceed to the Dual-Layer calibration. If you do not do the Single-Layer

calibration first, the Dual-Layer calibration will probably fail. ***

*** IMPORTANT!!! Press ENTER whenever *onscreen prompts* ask for permission

to proceed with a test. Some earlier Sony DVD players will appear to be

calibrating a disk (the numbers continue to flash like an out of control

pinball machine) when in fact, the machine is paused and awaiting a response

from the user to continue. (An often-unnoticed onscreen prompt asks the user

to press Enter in order to continue.) If you do not press Enter at this

point, the machine will sit in limbo forever. ***

When calibration is completed, follow the onscreen instructions to return to

the above menu.

When the Drive Auto Adjustment menu returns, press #3 on the remote and

insert a Dual-Layer DVD when the drawer opens. Follow the instructions as

noted above. When calibration is completed, follow the onscreen instructions

to exit from the Test Mode.

Now you can turn the player back on and try your Dual-Layer disks and see if

the layer change has improved. I calibrated both my Sony 550 and 360

machines, and they are both working better than ever.

If you have any hesitation about trying the service mode calibration, leave

it for an authorized service facility.

March 16, 2002
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