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I am using 48" Full HD Flat Smart TV J5200. Its screen goes black during a baseball match. Audio is still perfect. There are 2 lights on right and left corners at its top back, I bought the TV less than 2 years back. I can clearly see a blue light, which is right next to the solid button, only when the TV is powered off. On switching on the TV, it blinks for 5 times. I am clearly hearing all the channels without any video. I have 2 HDMI cables. And I can't see, if any of those are the culprits in this case. I bought the Wii, is there an issue with the cable.
Switching Off/On the TV does not do the trick.

Failed Solution Tried:

On Samsung support forum told to press the EXIT button for 12 seconds. After that press the down arrow key. And then Enter button.

If you are a repairer, I am living inside a base http://militarybases.co/directory/joint-reserve-base-new-orleans-navy-new-orleans-la/. Is it possible for you to come inside and repair the set especially with your tools. Only those repairer reply, who are inside the base, at least once in the past. If you could refer someone, I am happy to see him/her.
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