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I,m changing out my reciever to a Denon 3808ci and need your help.

I have a cable box, a Mistsubishi 73" DLP, Panasonic 5 disc DVD player and a Samsung DVD / VHS combo connected to it.

There are no HDMI's on the components except the TV and it has two.

The Panasonic and Samsung have 5 NCR connections.

It's difficult to get behind both the TV and AVR.

With that said here are my guestions:

1) Just to clarify the Denon give the option to use HDMI or not depending on the device connecting to it. Eventhough the HDMI is labled DVD/TV etc can they be reassigned or are they dedicated to the TV?

2) Denon has 3 zones 2 audio / video and one audio. Denon has conections for a full surround system (front center side rear and sub) and room you two more speakers. How do you connect the third zone speakers?

3)Whenever it calls for a ground should I ground to the surge protector?

4)I have a internet connection that connects to a computer under the tv. Can I split that connection and run a line to the reciever and do I need to add a mac number for the router?

5) How do I connect a PS3?

6) What is the Denon Link connection for?

Its a pain in the snikies to pull it out and redo so I'm trying to get everything connected first.

I really appreciate any help you can give


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You seem to be new to A/V equipment and your questions lead me to wonder if you have read the manuals. The 3808 is a pretty advanced receiver and has many inputs and options that make it complex to connect and configure. If you are not that technical, you are going to have to read the manual a couple of times before it makes sense. That said, I'm an engineer and found the Denon manual less than helpful. Mostly, I just figured it out.

1) If you read the manual, you will see that all digital inputs (audio & video) are asignable. The source lable near the input is mearly the default lable you will see until you change the name of the input. Also, the menus will always refer to the default source names even after you change the display name.

2) I don't use the other zones but do remember the settings being strage. Read then play around till you get it to work.

3) Your option. Ground s not required as the power cord has a ground.

4) You need a hub.

5) Many options...read the manual.

6) It's not that useful, just used to connect Denon equipment together.

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Thanks for the info.

The Denon power cord doesn't have a ground.

The reason why I was asking these questions is after reading the manual I'm still confused.

When the NCR cables from the cable box go to the reciever, there should be an output to the TV. There is an HDMI output to monitor. Is monitor the TV?

Thanks Again

I only do this stuff once every 10 years

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I think I found answers to most of my questions,

Network cable needs a switch to split one cable into two signals

The third zone is powered by a pre amp not by the reciever.

Monitors can be a TV

Not sure about the grounding but it can't hurt if I do

I'm not sure if the HDMI is dedicated but I think it is.

Don't need Denon Link

If anyone can fill in the blanks that would be great.

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