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Let me preface this to say im not a total newb, I just don't know much about current HT stuff or HD standards. If anyone finds a solution thats simple, cheap, and hassle free I might throw you a few bucks via paypal


HD Cable box: HDMI out, optical out, component out (and more)

Computer: 2xDVI out, component out, optical out

Receiver: Sony DN-1000, DVI 4xIN 1xOUT, component 3xIN 1xOUT, optical 3xIN, etc etc


HannsG 28" LCD - 1xHDMI in, 1xVGA in

BenQ Projector - 1x VGA in

As far as I know, I can't take a component IN to the receiver and have it outputted in HDMI, or vice versa. Also, I need a direct output from my computer to my LCD bypassing the receiver but ALSO one going from my computer to the receiver (I dont want to turn the receiver on every single time I want to use my monitor).

Here is an awesome paint pic to better illustrate:

I realize Ill have to buy some sort of switch, splitter, or what not -- but as long as it maintains good quality and isnt a huge hassle, thats OK.

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