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so through a series of good deals that I have put together I have a bit of an embarrassment of riches with speakers. at the moment my system consists of a Denon 3808 receiver,

Two rti10 towers, csi5 center..

my question for this post is about the surround speakers. in my collection I have:

4 fxi3 surround speakers

2 rti4 book shelf speakers

I have the option to use all of these in a few different ways and I am very interested to see what kinds of creative ideas anyone may have for arranging them. for instance would you use the RT eye for bookshelves for weirs or would you use them as A/B surrounds as my receiver has that option?

I am open to any intelligent and well thought out ideas.

thank you very much for your time
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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