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Hi everyone,

Pretty new around these parts and would love some assistance/help.

To those of you that will look down on me for the questions I am about to ask (ie, how could you not know that?) - sorry to disappoint you.

To those of you that are helpful - I want to thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Okay, I got my HD LCD TV yesterday (lots of bells and whistles - ie, 2 HDMI components, 1080p, etc). (It was a gift from someone. Long story - which isn't needed. But I figured it was worth mentioning so someone doesn't ask, "Why would you buy the TV if you don't know anything about it?") Anyway, also have a brand new receiver with 5.1 speaker system; 2 HDMI cables, plus other standard cables, stereo audio wires, etc.

And now the fun part...

I have no idea what I am doing.

1) What goes into what? Does the cable that comes into the home go into the cable box (an HD DVR cable box)? And then use an HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV? And then another HDMI cable from the cable box to the receiver?

But then would the TV need to be connected to the receiver directly or not needed?

Or is all of this wrong? I tried it this way and got nothing but fuzz.

(Something that might be pertinent - the receiver is has an HDMI AV output. But no HDMI input. Or it could be the reverse, but I really don't think so. Also it only has one HDMI component - not two. Likewise on the cable box which I believe also only has one place to plug an HDMI into.)

2) Assuming I ever get #1 above set up properly, how do I then get the best possible picture? How do I create or change TV settings? Or do I not want to do that? Do I want to leave it just as is? If not, how do I go about making the needed changes? I am referring to getting the best possible picture and the best possible sound?

3) Anything else I need to know?

Again, thanks to those of you that are helpful. I really appreciate it.

Or if there is a link someone could post as to where I can go for a thorough explanation - that would be great as well.

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First, congratulations on the new TV and welcome to the site.

Your TV manual should have plenty of diagrams of how things are connected.

But basically, you can run HDMI to the TV (from HD cable box) for video (and audio) and you can run optical or coax audio to the receiver.

You could run your coax cable straight to the TV if you were just getting unencrypted HD channels through your cable company, and you TV had a QAM tuner.

As far as changing the settings, that will also be covered in the manual. You can adjust them based on the source or just use the same setting for all sources. It depends on your TV and how happy or unhappy you are with the picture.

For DVD's you can buy something called AVIA or Digital Video Essentials which can help to setup your TV properly.

You may be able to find some useful info here:



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well to answer #1 you could take the line coming into the house from cable company put that into the cable box input

then take an HDMI cable from the cable box's out put to the receivers HDMI input

then from the reciever's HDMI out put to the Tv's HDMI input. does that make sense basically hooking up three cables

1 into cable box from wall

1 into receiver from cable box

1 into tv from receiver

thats the most simple way

#2 calibrating a tv with the help of a disc like DVE is also recommended you can find many links to purchase this but you will need a dvd player to use it
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