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Hi Experts,

I have posted couple of questions before but I am fairly new to the forum and fairly new to the topic as well.

Dont know much about the speakers but I would like to build a home theatre system for new house we are currently building.

I need help to find out best quality speakers and AVR for home theatre.

Height of the room will be 2700mm.

What you guys thing from the home theatre size and dimension, should I go for 7.1 or 5.1 channel ?

I am thinking to use in-ceiling speaker and/or in-wall so it will not occupy any floor space.

I know few years ago when we were thinking to setup a home theatre for my friend's place, people were suggesting not to go for in-wall or in-ceiling speakers but I heard that this days they are pretty good and sounds awesome. What is experts suggestions here.

I didnt get much response on my previously posted question but I am hoping someone will help me this time.


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