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Newbie here with 1st post.

For years I have burned divx and mpg's to datadisc with Nero 6.6 on a pc with xp, sp2 and then thrown the finalized discs into an old Norcent, or newer Philips. Both players displayed and ran them correctly on my ntsc tv.

No problems whatsoever, and no need to convert. I did need to convert video wmv's to mpg or avi in order to watch them. Mpg and divx needed no conversions. Very fast & decent quality, from a Nero-burnt datadisc.

I recently learned that the Pioneer DV 610av-K claimed to play wmv's as well. I gave my philips to my aunt and my norcent to my sister.

The Pioneer came in yestyerday, and I threw in a good-qualtiy finalized fugi with a datadisc format filled with mpg, divx, and wmv movies. Some of the wmv's came from the internet & others from movies I have made.

Triple bummer! The Pioneer said that it could not play the disc. I read through the manual several times. Very confusing. Not well-written, or else my head is falling apart. I then took some older datadisc dvd's that had worked on the norcent and the philips. They had mpg's and divx, but no wmv's. They did not work in the pioneer either.

Can someone with 1st-hand experience tell me for certain if the Pioneer does play these pc-based formats, and if so, how to set them up

and burn them properly. I don't want to convert them (several hundred total), and besides, the converted formats don't seem to want to play either.

And I don't want to set them to strict dvd rules -again, too much time and work and wasted byte-space..

Are there any current players that will play datadisc-type mpg's, divx, and wmv's? Does this pioneer do it (and I'm just missing something?)

Please offer suggestions, comments, & advice as soon as possible.
this machine does not play these, then i need to return it within 7 days.
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