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I got a projector from work , I wanted to use this on my xbox, make of projector is infocus systems litepro 620, DLP. I'm not good with tech, the vga socket is damaged , but I don't think I need that ? I hav a xbox 360 which I play on my tv though HDMI , the projector dose not hav HDMI, so I had a av scart lead with my xbox (with switch on it TV or HDTV I left it on HDTV) so I used that av lead frm xbox to projector though av (yellow,red,white the lead also has blue,red,green coloured pins 3 of them )but when I play Dvd on (xbox) the picture comes fine and colour on the projector ( just need to sort out adjustments scale width ect) but when I take out the dvd the colour on my xbox desktop or menu screen goes black & white or when put on a game in last night fifa12 ,so I restarted the console, xbox logo is ment to be green when it loads up, everything is white, didnt check with any other games.??? Some help me please. Thanks

Xbox gaming pic above

Dvd picture below
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