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Hi All,

I'm in a process of buying a new LCD TV.

the TV will mostly be use to connect to my new HTPC computer to watch Hi-Def movies and play PC games.

I did a lot of research online and in store and i came with a list of TV the will feet my budget, size and features.

I would like to learn about other people experience with any of the models bellow as well as what would you think will be the best model for me.

Sony 46s5100 60Hz $1100 in BB

Samsung 46B530 60Hz $1150 in BB

LG 47LH40 120Hz $1199 in BB

Sony 46v4100 60Hz $799 in BB (display model for 2 month)

Sony 46z4100 120Hz $1000 in BB (display model)

As far as price goes the 46v4100 (display) will be the best deal and the 46z4100 looks the best all around.

I did tested the Samsung connected to a computer and it's look fine as far as motion blur but it may be better to go for 120Hz.

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You should ask to user if the HDTV run at 0% overscan with the PC.

I'm doubting that none of them do 1:1 pixel ratio at 0% overscan, lol.
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