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Need help understanding 16:9 format on my Sony VAIO laptop

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OK. I switched from 16:10 laptop screen (1920x1200 Dell) to 16:9 (1920x1080 Sony). I tried watching Casino Royale and still get letterbox. Some of the features on the Blu-Ray disc are full screen resolution with scenes from the movie again in 2.40:1 presentation.

So my question is: am I mistaken to think that all 16:9 movies should fill the whole screen? Wasn't letterbox designed for 4:3 format TVs? Strange that all Blu-Ray movies that I have show letterbox. How come?

Sorry for the noob question
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Part A)

Black bars will occur whenever the shape of the screen (in your case 16x9, 1.78x1) and the shape of the movie (in your case 2.40x1) are different. That's basic math.

Part B)

Anamorphic vs. non-anamorphic, letterbox are advanced concepts and suggest you not try to understand them until you make peace with Part A).
Thanks, rmbcgee. Why then would all new releases come in 2.40:1 instead of 1.78:1 aspect ratio? The purpose of wide screen should be to fill it all, no?
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Movies are filmed for theatrical release. The shape of the movie is determined by the director/producer and is an artistic decision. Movies are shot in many different shapes. Ben-Hur is shot in 2.76x1.
OK. I was just starting to think that I perhaps didn't properly configure the media player or something is wrong since I thought that all wide screen movies should fill the screen of 16:9 displays. Reading wikipedia now to get a better grasp.
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