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I am looking at purchasing a sound bar and sub setup of some kind for my Samsung B750 which is in my living room. The room is about 20x30 with angled walls. Bouncing sound off the back walls is not really an option.

The question that I have is in relation to controlling the sound on sound bars. In most scenarios can you just set the sound levels to a relatively medium to high level on the soundbar and sub and then use the tv output sound levels to control the volume? Everything that I have read so far seems to indicate that you have a separate remote for the sound bar or perhaps, you can use a universal remote. I really want to get away from over-complicating the sound setup. I just want to control the sound setup from my tv.

For reference, I am looking at the following sound bars.

Samsung Speaker Bar (HT-WS1R)

Sony HT CT500 or CT100

Vizio VSB210WS

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