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Need help Upgrading my 5.1 to a 5.2.4 in my living/media room - opened space with kitchen

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Hi all!

Don’t know if it’s the right place to write this post, but please feel free to move to the right section!

First of all, I’m pretty happy to be new to this community, can’t wait to read and learn from you guys.

Second of all, it’s going to be a long post I believe. I wanted to share my train of thoughts cause I’m sure I’m. It the only one to go trough all these “phase”

So a little back story:
2015 bought a house, was given a tv cause I had no budget.
2016 had the brilliant idea of using my ‘high end’ (which are Kanto bought on 2011, they are very nice, I like them a lot) computer speaker to watch tv and movies.
2017 start looking at DIY loudspeaker.

Bought my first AVR in 2019 and and bought a 5.1 Jamo home theatre setup. Never been fully satisfied with this kit. It’s Jamo S803(https://www.jamo.com/products/s-803-hcs) paired with [Jamo s810subwoofer powered by a Denon X1600H

This was my living room
(Trying to upload pics but it doesn’t work from mobile)

And this is the 3d sketch

And this is my new living room. Basically it’s the same thing, just on another wall and we opened the kitchen to the living room.

So the plan, at the beginning, was to add 2 in ceiling in the living room for atmos, and 2 in the kitchen for my zone two on my AVR.

Then I got this luck and bought 4 in ceiling micca m8c for 80$CAD. So I was thinking of buying another 2 in ceiling for the kitchen, installing the micca’s in the living room, and upgrade the receiver in order to use the 4 in ceiling.

Then I thought that I always hated the bass from my jamo sub, and I wanted to DIY a sub what would fit my space (which is one of the question coming at the end)

And then I thought that if I’m building a sub, I could also upgrade the LCR + the 2 surround.

So here’s my questions:

1. Is there a receiver that can play the 4 in ceiling with the 5.1 when watching a movie, and playing the 4 in ceiling in the living room and the 2 in ceiling in the kitchen as a zone 2?
Like, if/when we do party/dinner with friend to have ambient music.

If no, can you recommend a AVR that does 9.2 that is good and not break the bank too much?!

2. I’m trying to figure out what would be less of an eye sore and best sounding sub for my living room as of placement and boxe size. I was thinking maybe. I was thinking maybe of either side of the cabinet. Or maybe under ?
Beside the couch? I have 10-13 inch beside the tv cabinet, 28” inch to the top of the cabinet, and 15 deep. That would make a 2.3 cubic feet box.

3. For my speakers, I’d like to go DIY route.
If you can suggest good home theatre and tv speaker. Good looking and sounds nice, I would appreciate. Looks is a huge factor. My wife is very picky on speakers. (She like the jamo, but not the kef ls50 for example)

I think that’s it for tonight.
Again, I’m sorry for the long post, there so much stuff going through my head and I’m trying to make it clear for you who read me.

I’ll be happy to answer any question you guys might have.

English is not my first language so just know I’m trying my best to right cohesive sentences!

Thanks In advance!

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