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Need Help Upgrading Older 5.1 system

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Howdy, I'm currently looking to upgrade my current 5.1 setup with a budget of around $1000-$1500. This includes Receiver and Sub.

Looking to upgrade to A receiver with HDMI to simplify connections and upgrade to HD Sound, but will I really notice a difference between DTS and HD streams?

My current TV is a 42" 720p Samsung Plasma.

I will be possibly running HDMI from the Receiver to an HDMI Splitter which hooks up to 4 TVs in my house.

- Will be hooking up a PS3, HD-DVD Player and a 360 via Component/Optical(will upgrade to an elite with HDMI when the price drops)

Wish to improve my overall listening experience, but I'm no audiophile.

Mostly used for Movies and games, but I'd like a decent music performance as well.(Which will mostly be run from a PC via RCA Stereo Cables)

I'd prefer black speakers to go with the overall room decor.


Here is what I currently have:

What I have:

Yamaha HT-5460 100watt 5.1 Receiver

Cerwin Vega Speakers:

Center 2 way: LS-5c - 100watt(on 2ft entertainment console)

Front 3way Towers: LS-10 - 200watt

Rear 2 way : LS-6 - 120watt(On stands)

Sub: LW-10 - 200watt(100 watt powered)

Room Size: 12ft x 9 ft(Speakers on the 12ft walls)

- In a house and probably won't be upgrading to a larger space for long time.


I included a picture of my current room setup.

Any suggestions or further questions would be greatly appreciated!
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A buddy of mine purchased this setup awhile back and it is a awesome system for the price.



The receiver has all of the features you want at a good price. If you shop around you can pick it up for about 400 bucks.

You will come in at the $1,500 budget but you will not be disappointed in the results!
The SVS systems sound impressive and seemed to be highly reviewed.

Looks like I could get the SVS SBS-01 5.1 System with the PB10 for $899 + 162.53 shipping. The Yamaha would cost 379.99.

Total: $1441.61 and I would still need to get some speaker stands for the fronts.

Would cost 1632 for to upgrade to the PB12. Think I'd noticed much of a difference in such a small room? The sales rep says it has 50% more output, but would I ever need to turn it up that much?(Upgrading from a 200 watt sub anyways)

162 dollars seems like a lot for standard ground shipping. I've purchased many large heavy items with free shipping, and large entertainment consoles with white glove with in home setup for less.

Any other comparable options available? Any good(black) receivers with front HDMI inputs? The practical/frugal side of me needs choices to feel comfortable with a decision
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, given the SVS subs rather large size, would it be appropiate to place the sub lengthwise along the wall(in the corner) with the Speaker/Vents either facing the corner or entertainment center?

Currently have my sub placed a few inches from the corner(side and back) with the speaker facing out towards the room.
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Used speakers have to be the best buy going today - and one of the better ones is
this one . Its a 5.1 speaker setup that will probably go for $500 - maybe less. That leaves a lot of room for a decent sub and receiver.

Check ebay for some great deals. If that Beta 50 package sells for $500 or less someone gets a very good bargain.
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