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For any HTPC users of the 87 models.

Basically I connected my Desktop to my HLS5687 via HDMI/DVI and set my Desktop resolution to 1920x1080, using X850XT PE. And here is the pic of my problem

(Note 1 MB download and at a resolution of 1920x1080)

EDIT(Note 2: you have to copy and paste in url to get it to work)


Basically the white border doesn't fit on the TV and is cut off.

I know someone said powerstrip to try it, I downloaded the program and tried cropping my TV by trying to sqeeze the top and sides and as soon as I try to squeeze with Powerstrip, I get a source error from the TV and I have to revert back to my original settings to get image on my TV.

Any hints on how to get it to work? or am I doing something specifically wrong with Powerstrip? If I reduce the resolution down to 480 though everything seems to fit but looks like crap, but everything is crisp at 1080
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