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Need help w/info on AmPro 2000 model 69202

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Hi All;

I have just become the "proud owner" of an AmPro 2000

model 69202 CRT Projector (3 lens front view), to get myself into home theater viewing.

HOWEVER... I did not realize that I would be able to get NO information

on the unit.

I tried getting a manual from "freebird" BUT, the file I purchased was BAD and, as I am not getting responses to my email, I obviously was ripped off.

Can ANYONE help me out with a copy of the user manual or service manual, partial pages from same, or info on a recent relative of this unit to help me out with setup and installation???

Any and all help will be appreciated.......... MARC
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I have it, but the file is too big to email.

If you have somewhere I can upload or ftp it, I will.

There is tons of info on this great PJ on this forum.
I can assure you that you did not get ripped off. Freebrd.com's customer service is exceptional. They probably have not seen your email yet. I would bet just about anything that they will fix the problem or refund your $5.

Odd, that's the first time I have heard any bad reports about freebird.

I sent several emails back and forth with him before, when I purchased my Ampro 2000 service manual, and he was always very nice, and very helpful when I had a problem with the paypal thing. Helpful enough that I recommend his site to people.

I do recall that he had several email addresses listed on his pages, and I sent each of my emails to ALL of his addresses.
[email protected]
[email protected]

note that one starts with "VU", the other with "VV"

Did you try downloading the file again? It could have just been an error during the transfer.

- David
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Will your email hold a 5MB file? If so I can send you the file.

Did you get one with a remote? If not you will have to get the remote control emulator software in the Ampro FAQ .

Check your private messages.
There's a good chance you are trying to look at it with a viewer that can't handle it.

Is it a .tiff file? Are you opeining it on an xp system with the default viewer?

He doesn't rip people off.

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