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Hello everyone,, hope someone here help me with my issue

i bought a floor standing speakers labeled as 4ohm with 80watt rms which is a bit low for my receiver [ Yamaha rx-a3030].

the i reason i bought them was for the cabinet look and wood quality, now i want to upgrade the speakers inside the Cabinet to gain more power and higher impedance but i don't know where to start or how to choose a 3-way crossover,

I've measured impedance of the speakers inside the cabinet.

two 8" woofers with 4ohms each

one 6.5" mid range with 8ohms

two tweeters which i couldn't remove to check impedance and i don't know how all these speakers are connected together resulting for total 4 ohms !!


i want to make the speakers 8 ohms winch is better for my receiver cause at high volume my receiver shut off and i want the speakers to be around 150 to 200 watt rms

shall i upgrade the woofers with higher wattage or shall i replace the mid with higher wattage cause i have no idea the wattage of any of them [ no its not saying anything on speakers] only on the back of the cabinet it says total is 80 watt ms.

and regarding the crossover [ i attached the crossover in the cabinet but i don't know anything about how many watts it can handle or ohms too ] as you can see all the speakers are connected in Parallel , two woofers ,, two tweeters and one mid

if i buy two woofers with same impedance and wattage,, can i wire them together and connect them to the crossover woofer connection? is it possible to wire two woofers to one cross over?

inside my cabinet there's a crossover board which connects all speakers together,, the sound is good to great but the bass is very strong even when i lower it using the receiver.

any advice would be appreciated
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