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I am by no means an audio expert and also don't have lots of disposable cash for toys (single

income/ 2 kids / house payment / live in SoCal, etc.).  I do like good sounding music though.  

At home I have a projector and play movies through my computer and listen to music either

through my laptop or an MP3.  For a while I was using Logitech Z-2300 computer speakers which I

thought were awesome for music but not so great for watching movies - hard to hear the dialog -

almost always sounded like there was too much base and I could not turn it down enough.  I have

about $200 to spend and would like a system that is loud and basey enough to fill my house when

cranking the tunes (like the z-2300 could do) but can be toned down for movie watching - where

the dialog clarity would come through.  I have two young kids and usually watch movies after

they go to bed - so clarity is important above all - not too worried about base and loudness at

that point.  I also don't want or have room for a receiver / amplifier unit - that's why I liked

the computer speaker option originally...


So I was thinking of this option:  Using this powered sub:


Or this sub from monoprice:


Then maybe use these speakers with the sub:



Or maybe this little amp and some other bookshelf type speakers:



Then hook up the above mess somehow to my 1/8 jack on my laptop or MP3?  Is this crazy?


Couple of other questions.  I noticed the powered subs have speaker inputs and ouputs - a bypass

system.  Do I still need to go through the sub with the speaker wires if using the little Lepai

2020A amp?  Can I run the speakers independently from the woofer?  What's better?  If I don't

run the speaker lines through the sub, are the smaller speakers going to play all the low sounds

too (now y'all can really see that I know nothing about audio stuff!).

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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