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I just started at a new job and was nominated to be the new IT guy by default simply because I can plug a computer in. We have a media room with a NEC LT260 hard wired in. The unit seems to work fine for the first 20 min. but then a white line shows up down the middle of the screen. It does this on all the imputs (DVD player, RGB) I've tried to replace the bulb with two other bulbs I've found on site and the same thing keeps happening. I'm not sure how old any of the 3 bulbs are and I've also ordered a brand new one just to have on hand but it's not here yet. The hour meter on the projector is 1801.

is this just a simple bulb problem or is there something wrong with the projector itself?

any help would be wonderful.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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