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Need help with a new screen and paint color.

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I have a bat cave with room for a 92" diag 16:9 screen and a pio fpj1 projector. My throw will be 10 - 17 feet. What kind of screen should i use? I don't care about buying top end but i don't wont to skimp either. suggestions?

Also, to minimize reflections should i just go with flat paint black walls? I was thinking that or maybe a dark brown or very dark red. WAF is at about 10%.


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I would probably say a white 1.0-1.3ish gain is ideal. Lots of options, but I agree don't skimp...you have a great projector so compliment it.

Regards to the colors...darker is better, but WAF and black don't usually get along. Keep her happy (trust me).
Dragonfly high contrast ok? Can get a new one with frame for under $300 from a friend
If you have a bat cave I would avoid high contrast screens. Go with a white.

(High contrast = gray...usually).
will white one be a better option to use? have you used it personally?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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