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Need help with component run

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Greetings all. I recently purchased an old home that I had some lines ran in for my 720p projector setup. The projector is aprox 45 feet from the source. Due to time constraints, my electrician ran 3 standard cable coax lines and placed RCA type adapters on the ends in order to make what he called a custom component cable. I have already watched a standard 480p dvd and can see signal degradation in the color and sharpness from my previous setup with a 25' component run. He also ran a Cat 5 line. My question is, what would be the best way to get the best possible 720p/480p signal out of this run? Should I just purchase a long enough component cable and rerun it? Or should I try to run the signal over the Cat 5 cable and use some sort of adapter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There are several solutions.

1) What kind of coax and connectors did he use? Crimp on or compression? Brand of cable? I have ran coax further than this numerous times with no problems. Could be bad connectors.

2) You could use the cat5e and get a component video baluns kit. Should work fine. Although I would think it would be nice to use cat5e for ir emitter.

3) You say you can rerun it. If you have access, you could pull a better quality component video cable.
Thank you for the reply!

Not sure on the brand. White with plenty of stiffness. Looks like standard rg6 used for cable tv. Crimp on connectors.

Rerun is an option but a pain. Has anyone here had any experience with the baluns kits running on cat5? And please excuse the noob question, but why would I want it for an emitter?

Thank you kindly for the input.
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