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I have a dilemma which amp should I purchase? Either a Outlaw 7700 or a B&K Reference 200.7 S2. Which would you say runs cooler aswell?

Marantz sp8001

Definitive Technology bp7000sc clr3000 with 4 UIW BPZ/A

I'm leaning towards the B&K since it has the higher wattage at 4ohm.

"Amplifiers or receivers that use a "high current" design in the power amp section work well with Definitive loudspeakers and generally sound better. The best way to determine whether a given model is "high current" or not is to look at the wattage specs. High current models have much higher wattage ratings into 4 ohms than into 8 ohms. "

Statement from Chet at Definitive.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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