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Need help with Dolby Digital

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Hi all,

I know i'm stepping back quite a few audio levels. But I have an older DVD player and receiver, never had a 5.1 system hooked up to them but just got an additional speaker set to use and tried hooking it all up to get DD. The receiver is a Sherwood RVD8090R has DD and DTS and the DVD player is a Zenith/Inteq 2300. I have the DVD player hooked up to the receiver via optical cable but am only getting Pro logic sound. The DVD player has the 5.1 channel outs (multi channel outs?) Do I need to hook it up that way to get Dolby Digital? I really thought it would be pretty simple to get this hooked up right, but I seem to be having issues.

The DVD player manual describes two ways to achieve DD, one by hooking up a coax or optical cable (this is described as DD AC-3) and the other by hooking up the 5.1 outs to the receiver (this is described as DD 5.1).

Any ideas why I'm not able to get DD out of this? The DVD player should be able to decode it as well as the receiver. I'm lost.
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If you hook up the DVD to the receiver via optical, you don't need to use the 5.1 analog outputs. Did you set up the DVD player correctly? Go into the setup menu and set the sound output to Bitstream, not PCM. Your receiver should then decode the DD or DTS correctly.
As stated above.

Also... Some older players have an additional setup section where DD and DTS must be enables as well.
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