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need help with finding appropriate sub to get

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i have lsi15s front, lsic center, lsifx, and lsi7s. for a sub i have a old velodyne cht-8its a great old sub but i feel i need something bigger and better. i just want deep loud bass. i was goin to go with the polk psw1000 but not sure dont really want two spend over 1800. any ideas would be much appreciated thanks
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What's your budget? How big is the room you want to fill with bass? Do you listen to a lot of music or watch a lot of movies?
You have up to $1800 to spend? Did I read that right?
Dunno if you saw my response in the thread on the speaker forum or not, so I'll copy it here:

How big is your room?

If you have 1800 for a sub, one option would be a pair of 900 subs such as pair of these: http://svsound.com/products-sub-cyl-plpow2.cfm

or these: http://hsuresearch.com/products/vtf-3-ho.html

or these: http://www.epiksubwoofers.com/CaliberOverview.html (plus leave you with some $ left over in the case of the Caliber from Epik)

Or, perhaps a better option would be put 600 towards one of these for EQ: http://www.velodyne.com/products/pro...5&sid=319n150j

And another 300 or so for bass traps: http://www.gikacoustics.com/gik_244.html

and then 900 for one of the subs above. I'd take any of the above subs over the PS1000

Another option would be a pair of these kits: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=300-742

which would leave 800 or so left over for bass traps and perhaps other room treatments- and you wouldn't necessarily need the SMS-1 EQ as the kits have a parametric EQ built into the amps.

Another option - head over to the DIY forum, 1800 bucks in a DIY sub will get you a LOT of sub.
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check out MFW-15 at www.********** in a couple days $599ea or $999pr
MFW-15. they seem great hope i can get my hands on one thanks
also looking at svs 16-46 PC-Plus subwoofer, tough decision
If you posted your room size and a preference of music or HT if any it would make it easier to get more specific.

In general if your budget really is $1800, look at offerings from SVS, HSU, Epik and ED and the soon coming MFW-15. All are excellent products. Also check out the craigsub thread, lots of information there with subs from each company and reviews on quite a few models.
cool, its mainly for hddvd and bluray watching my room is more long then wide right now my sub is behind my couch on a corner wall. i have around 1800 to spen but that doesnt mean i need to spend it i just want to get a good product that suits my need for crazy bass.
We need your room dimensions, but if your room is big enough,for 1.8k the best thing to get would be the Conquest from Epik...Epik Castle or Tower would also be great choices.You could also consider a7-450 for 1.3k, and if you asked eD to build a smaller sealed version of a7-900, it could fall under 1.8k too. eD=2 months wait time, epik=less than a week wait time. Other brands are not really matching those two so not worth considering imho, unless you really need nice veneers and all that.
For that budget SVS PB13-ultra/PC13-ultra is another excellent option to look at.
The last two posts lists a lot of really good subs but you will need to look at the size to determine if they will fit where you need to place it. The craigsub list has them rated as top performers. OF course, I choose to believe the Epik Tower is the best of all of them because that is what I have on order. :)
bought a mfw-15 today should be here soon thank for your help, cant wait
i love my mfw-15 thanks again, its the best sub i ve heard. i think 2 would be a little much for my house. cant believe it my house is so going to collapse
I am just starting my first home theater setup and need a sub, but do not know where to start. My living room is about 20x15, with the TV and speakers facing the long dimension. I have two Polk R50s and a Polk CS1 center so far.

I watch TV/movies 80%, with the occasional late-night dance-off the other 20%. My budget (currently) is around $250, but may be able to go up to $300 after a possible tax return. I admit that I do not have the developed ear of an audiophile, but I want some good bang for my buck. I would love some ideas from the expert crowd here.
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