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Hello all:

My parents are building a house and asked me for help with their home theater setup. Below is a picture of the main wall of the home theater system. The door on the left leads into a 7-foot deep utility room. The home theater wall can be built back (for shelving or whatever) a maximum of 2 feet. Here is information about what will definitely be used in the system:

* B&K 7250 5-channel amp

* B&K Reference 30 or Reference 50 pre-amp

* Denon DVD-2200 Progressive Scan DVD Player

* Monster power conditioner

* Sony 70" whatever-model-number XBR

Additionally, here is the equipment that they have lying around the house for possible use:

* 2 pairs B&W 601 Series 2 bookshelf speakers

* 1 B&W CC6 center speaker

* 2 Velodyne 12" subwoofers (not sure of the model offhand)

* 1 pair NHT SuperOne bookshelf speakers

* 1 pair cheap (but great-sounding) Infinity bookshelf speaers.

The goal is to have no speakers sticking out from the wall. So, I guess our only option for the front speakers is to build-in a shelf, maybe 18" tall x 12" wide x 12" deep on each side of the television, with a smaller (12"x22"x12") build-in below the television for the center speaker. The subwoofer will most likely be placed in front of the bottom-right corner in the diagram below.

The next dilemma is rear speakers. Due to the type of foundation they used, we will be unable to use in-wall speakers on the walls. As such, in-ceiling speakers will probably have to be used, placed a few feet behind the seating area with the tweeters angled toward the movie-viewers.

Note that the grey-shaded area in the wall diagram below is already sheetrocked. Obviously, that can be modified to accomodate shelves or whatever else is needed.

So, what would you recommend given the following parameters:

1. We would like to use as much out of our current inventory as possible, in an effort to cut costs. I realize that rear in-ceiling speakers will need to be purchased (what's good for those in the less-than-$1000/pair range?).

2. No speakers can stick out of any walls (hurts sound quality, I know, but it's what they want).

I'd like recommendations to include both equipment and placement/shelf-building suggestions.



edit: not letting me link to a URL picture because I'm new, but you can find the diagram at www DOT aboutdan DOT com/hold/theater.jpg
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