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Need help with new TV

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I bought a new TV last week, a Mitsu WD62628. I was having a problem with it, or so I thought. On HD channels only, I would lose audio on every other channel. Mostly when I would go ch up/down. Then occasionally the audio would mute then would come back as distorted, static.

I had the store bring me a new TV and the same thing happened.

I now believe my B&K Ref 30 is at fault. This only happens when listening via the digital coax into my Ref 30, I get good audio if I use analog cables and/or the TV speakers. I have changed the cable half a dozen times using a very good name brand cable to a plain Jane video cable, same results. I have also used several other inputs with the same results.

Any ideas? Does this sound like a known B&K issue?

What do you suggest I do, the Ref 30 is still covered by B&K warranty, but I would rather not disconnect everything and be without it for who knows how long if I don't have to.

I did not have this problem using a Zenith DTV1080 STB with same cable on same input.


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