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Need help with Niles Amp and Denon 3802

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As you can tell by running a Denon 3802 I am using a unit which is about 5 years old, but still a great rcvr and is in prestine condition (original owner). I tried to use the pre-outs on the 3802 to drive another denon rcvr the 1802, but couldnt get it to work. I finally decided to make the big investment to set the configuration up properly and purchased a Niles SI-1230 12 channel amp to power the speakers throughout my home (the 3802 will power home theater only).

I can get the Niles amp to work when going from the Front Pre-Out to the Niles BUS, but not from the Multi Pre-Outs. This is a problem becuase if I use the front pre-out my home theater speakers will also be on. I need to use the Multi to obtain the benefit of having designated volume and source control without having my home theater speakers running at the same time.

Fustrated with over 5 hours invested, I still can't get it to work right! Please help before I drive myself crazy!
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chances are its a source input issue.

to get sound out of multi, you need Analog (red/white) cables from each source. My guess is that you are using a digital cable which will not pass through to the multi output. The other ones work because they are designed to only put out one channel at a time to a different amplifier, not take a digital signal and mix it down to stereo.

GLad to see you get the niles amp, its a great unit and I have had many happy customers of them over the years!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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