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Im new to the audio world... bare with me!

I wanted to buy Nuforce uDAC ($99)to hook up with my AD 700 headphone to get rid of the white noises.... but its out of stock

and i found another product thats little more expensive $225 that has integrated audio amp at amazon.


Since I recently bought WAF-1 with gizmo I thought I could get two birds with a stone.

"The speaker sensitivity recommendations. This is a low-power amp, 12 watts per channel, so having fairly efficient speakers is a must. NuForce recommend a speaker sensitivity rating of at least 87db."

got this quote from a review and i checked WAF-1, it has 86db sensitivity..

would this matter?

I mean.. I bought the gizmo and it will do its job as an amp right? getting another audio amp(how would you call this? a preamp?) will do a lot to improve the sound?

and would the uDAC included do the same great job to my headphone just like the uDAC alone thats $99?

Should I just wait for the 99 buck uDAC to come in stock again ?

Please help people!
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