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Dear all :

Hello, here is the situation :

I have a modem plus a router NEtgear R6100. I connected a TVBOX via the router (DHCP) so I can wathc my PC's videos /music on my tv. it works like a charm even 1080P movies, no problem even with Jriver.

The point is : I bought a Pionner VSX 924. I configured fixed IP (no DHCP) and I can see it on my PC. BUT :
1) the connection is terribly slow
2) I can't use it with JRIVER.
3) Airplay : it works but connexion lost after 25 second and/or scratch. Same for Internet Radio.
4) the MEDIA SERVER connection (to see files in my PC from my Pioneer) take a long long time and I hardly can access to my music.
5) the remote control with my Iphone works very well.

I have a cable (fiber) internet connection

What's happening ?

Thanks for your help because I am lost !
Roman (sorry for my english)
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