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I'm totally new to HT and have been doing lots of reading but would appreciate some advice. I'm building a HT in the basement in a room that's 13' wide by 20' deep, but it's L shaped and the back wall is open to a bigger area (i.e. the effective HT room is 13x20). I will be mostly watching movies at night with total light control. I also will be watching sports during the day with nominal ambient lighting. I'm coming from pioneer elite and Panasonic plasmas.

I'm generally very picky when it comes to vision. I can pick out small differences between my glasses' lenses and get really annoyed if the optometrist messed up the focal point or the base curve of a lens. I can't stand CA in high index lenses. All that is to say that I understand the fact that good optics cost more but are worth it. However, I don't want to overpay for minor improvements.

So.... I'm deciding between the following options:

1. Projector: JVC x500 or x700

2. Screen: 2.39:1 CURVED STEWART FILMSCREEN WITH FIREHAWK G4, 120' wide (I believe this is a good screen for an L shaped room and some ambient light)

3. Lens: panamorph uh480 or DC1

I'm going to see an x500 next week hoping seeing it in action will let me decide on the projector, but I have no way of previewing the lenses...is the DC1 worth the price difference over the 480? Any other comparable lens I should be thinking of?

Also, projector technology changes rapidly from year to year but I'm assuming that lens technology is not evolving that quickly. so if I invest in a high quality lens, it will serve me for many many years without needing to upgrade it. is that a good assumption?

Any other thoughts or feedback on the system?

Help would be much appreciated... It's hard to come up to speed on these topics in a few weeks without any previous practical experience. Thanks.
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