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Hi guys,

Just to give you a quick recap on situation. I recently built a new house and had my dealer run the wires pre installation. I have a budget around 10-12k for everything. Including screen, projector, speakers, sub, receiver, av rack.

I already have the furniture so the 10-12k will go into the audio/video and installation which will be around 1,200.

These dealers use epson and JVC. For sound they use Paradigm, Triad. For screen selection you have Da-lite or Stewart. Yamaha is the reciever I think I am going to use as well. " from doing my research on here It looks like I will purchase my sub separately from SVS since it seems you get more bang for your buck over paradigm."

Please I need some real help with this. I want to get the most bang for my buck. Also I should let you know that the system will be at least 7.1 and I think that the surround and rear speakers will be ceiling. Is that bad to do? should I get them to do wall instead? The front speakers will def be in wall? The size of the room is about 20x20 with 9foot ceiling. There is one small window on the right side of the room that is about 2ft wide and 3ft tall, but it will have a blackout curtain or shade on it at all times.

Need some expert opinions as soon as possible, these guys are ready to order and install.
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