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If there is a more appropriate thread for this please advise...

In the next 2 weeks I will have several new HT equipment components to setup. I have been running through my brain how they will all connect and how they will work together.

Would any one be willing to venture an attempt to put together this puzzle? It is by no means a large or exenstensive HT setup, but I am excited about it. I just want to get the best performance out of the money i have invested. Thank you

Samsung HLP5063

Samsung HD841/941 (haven't decided yet)

Hughes Series 2 HDVR2 TiVo

RCA DTC-100 HD Receiver

Panasonic DVR-510D DVD Recorder

A few notes:

I am not prepared to pay ~$1500 for an HDTiVo in eBay :), so I am waiting for them to become more available and purchase one later in the year. As many are (I assume), I am maintaining my TiVo AND a High Def receiver. Yes I have to watch HD content on their schedule and not mine, but it will be hard to have HD available and not watch it. And we just cant stop using TiVo (could you???). But once the HD TiVo is purchased it will eliminate the need to have the two receivers (and two different inputs).

Regarding the Pan DVD Recorder, this will not be used for playback so the output quality does not have to be the best, mainly only to take advantage of the on-screen menus.

I think that is all. Again, I hope someone with more knowledge in this area can recommend a setup that 'should' provide the best performance and maximize all the equipments potential.


Warren in MN

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I'd put the Samsung DVD player into the DVI input.

I'd put the RCA Receiver into the VGA input.

I'd put the TiVo into an S-video input.

I'd put the Panasonic Recorder into a components input.

I'm guessing that you have an AV receiver - in this case I'd run digital sound in from the DVD player, DirecTv receiver and the Tivo. I'd run stereo RCA cables to the DVD Recorder.

I'f you don't have an AV receiver, then you should be able to run stereo RCA cables from each source directly to the TV.


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