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I have an xbox 360 hooked up to my lns3251and when i turn to "component" channel the colors are tinted purple and green. i have the component cables plugged into the back, and they are all in their correct places. my tv has 2 hdmi ports and component plugs. the 360 is being displayed on the component channel, but i can see it on the av1 channel when i flip the switch on the 360's cable to the lower resolution. on the av1 lower resolution channel the colors are correct, but on the component channel, no matter what the resolution, the colors are wrong

someone told me i might need an hdmi cable for my xbox, but i dont think my xbox has an hdmi port.

how do i make it so i can have my xbox output at 720 or higher on the component channel without the colors being incorrect??

any help is appreciated
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