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Need help with Service menu of Toshiba 30HF85 30" CRT. Please Help.

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I got this off a friend for dirt cheap, it doesn't display 1080i properly, but that is not my main problem. He figured out how to get into the service menu, and screwed with the default values/settings. I know how to get into it since he told me, but I have no clue what the default settings were, and have searched extensively for them to no avail. Let's just say the Geometry is really screwed up. And God knows what else he's changed. I'm hoping someone out there has this model and can go in and write them down and post them, or knows where I can find these. There wouldn't happen to be a way to reset them would there?

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Default values don't exist. All the sets coming out of the factory have different settings. Default vaules as found in service manuals are merely a starting point and nothing more. No set that leaves the factory has these default values any more.

Easier to stick a test disc pattern up there and fix the stuff yourself ... one parameter at a time.

A disc like AVIA or DVE has overscan patterns and that is where you would start to fix this stuff.

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I'm very familiar with these Toshiba service menus. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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