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need help with Sharp Aquos LC-19A35M

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Hi all,

I'm very new to this forum.

I'm more on console gaming engineer than TV let alone LCDTV.

So, I need your help.

I have some questions regarding my new LCD which initially used for PC but now I intended to use it for my PS3.

It's Aquos LC-19A35M which I brought for a very cheap price (US$ 270) in Indonesia (nice country BTW).

So, here they are,

1. There is "Hotel Power Fix" in the service menu. What's that for?

2. With PC (Analogue RGB) input, I can set "Wide" mode to "dot by dot" (1360 x 768).

But I can't set it to "dot by dot" when I'm using HDMI from my PS3 (supposedly 1280 x 720). Only "Full" option available.

Can I somehow change it?

3. I know it's differ from one HDTV to other by room size, sitting position, etc. But is there anyone professionally calibrating this TV model and willing to share it?

I'll take some usefull settings only which is general like grayscale and so on, not all.
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Originally Posted by Blue Earth /forum/post/16860500

But is there anyone professionally calibrating this TV model and willing to share it?

Why would you expect someone who does this for a living to give the information out for free?

I don't know what your profession is, but do you do that in your line of work?

At least pick up one of the calibration discs and do a basic setup yourself.
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A good thread to read about the usefulness (or lack there of) of copying settings.

You will get better results by just getting a test disc (DVE, AVIA, etc) ... following the instructions to an improved image.

If you somehow can't understand the instructions, then we are here to help you there.

When was the last time a borrowed combination lock number worked for you?

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Thanks all,

Firstly, no, I'm not making money from this calibration.

Like I said before that I'm more on console gaming engineer, PS3 YLOD, 360 RROD, etc.

And I'm completely aware if copying settings is not the way to calibrate like I said on my 3rd question.

So, can someone at least answer my 1st and 2nd questions?

I'm totally newbie here.
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1360x768 is not native hdtv resolution. Would not be surprising that the set is therefore designed not to take that signal via hdmi.

They don't have to build a TV that accounts for all possibilities of usage in every permutation.

Thanks Mike!

I see you're very helpful in this thread.

1. Is it possible to change the way my TV output 720p so that there is black bar around the picture? From service menu, prehaps? a.k.a not upscalled to 1360x768?

2. What settings usually needs to be calibrated?

I think settings like Tuner don't need to be calibrated at all.

I know only some of them like grayscale, etc.

Please kindly advise.

3. Where can I find explanation on those weird abbreviations from Aquos service menu? I know some of them only.

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Only if the TV has a display native mode like some of the projectors. Highly doubtful given the type of set and the market it is geared for.

Contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness ... grayscale ... all fall under the calibration umbrella. these are not just randomly set. Test disc needed and instrumentation needed for grayscale.

Sharp engineers will no doubt have the definitions of everything that is in there. Trouble is ... even repair people don't have access to that ... so you or me getting it is slim to none.

The saying goes for this stuff is ... if you have to ask people what the stuff means ... then you probably shouldn't be messing around in there. Repair guys don't need to ask because they are expected to know what the stuff they need to see means already. This is like how a book on brain operations will not be teaching you how to be a doctor first. Some technical knowledge is implied and required.

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I have downloaded the calibration disc but I don't have the equipment so I guess I'm limited to basic settings.

Last question,

On my calibration disc there is color clipping adjustment and I noticed that between R, G and B, they aren't cliping at the same level (either toward white or black).

Should I adjust each color individually (hue, sat and etc.) so that I can get exactly same cliping value or should I adjust the "color" only so that at least none of them fall to the clipped category?

Okay, thanks a bunch!
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